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Dry Fractionation Plants

Dry Fractionation Plants
Dry Fractionation Plants
Product Code : G-11
Brand Name : Glamptech
Product Description

Dry Fractionation Plant

Glamptech Dry Frationation Plant is custom deisgned to allow you to achieve selective crystallisation of different trytglycerides in edible oil. With Glamptech Dry Fractionation plant, you can count on producing stable and filterable crystals giving you a product to fit your standards and quality requirements.

Glamptech Dry Fractionation system is designed to process crude, pre-treated or RBD palm oil. This makes the entire process simpler with no environmentally hazardous waste produced. The process consists of 5 stages:
1. Heating the feed oil
2. Formation of crystal by controlled cooling
3. Crystal growth
4. Maturation of crystals
5. Filteration to separate olein and stearin

Crystallisers are fitted with double row of circular cooling coil and a variable speed multi-stage agitator. Crystalliser are designed with a large cooling surface area, this ensures that the build up of crystals does not occur. The variable speed agitator contributes to gentle agitation, this keeps the oil mass moving without allowing stagnation close to the cooling oil.

If you wish, Glamptech can also equip your Dry Fractionation system with a computerised distributed control system tailormade to your requirements. This combines all operations into fully automated unit. We can accomplish filteration either with a Rotary Drum Vacuum filter, or a membrane filter press.

Filtration is effected by vacuum created by vacuum pump & the filtrate is collected in a receiver provided with a moisture trap. The vacuum is generated by water ring vacuum pump. The vacuum force creates continuous & constant suction head under the submerged portion at 20oC to 25oC of slurry. The vacuum sucks Olein into the receiver. Stearin forms uniform layer on the filter cloth fixed on rotary drum. As the drum rotates, progressive drying takes place at the end of the revolution. The cake is backblown with air and with the help of scrapper blade, the stearin is discharged in collecting tank, which is provided with steam heating arrangement for melting the stream, and then transported to storage tank by pump. The Olein in the form of filtrate is collected in the receiver and then transported to the storage tank.